Happy Days

Never did I anticipate that running our holiday cottages ‘Annie’s House’ and ‘La Grange d’Henri’ would bring me so much joy.

Many of our guests arrive as unexpectant holidaymakers to the Loire Valley and leave as friends.

And even more touching are the ‘reminders’ our guests have taken personal time to create, giving us wonderful keepsakes to fondly reminisce over.

In April, earlier this year, we welcomed Nathalie and Ross to ‘La Bellevue’.

Even though we have welcomed a vast number of keen cyclists in the past, for sheer endurance and the vast distances covered, Nathalie and Ross have impressed us beyond belief.

They have pushed the distance boundaries of where I advise one to go just from our village, Pouançay!

Sketch of La Bellevue

This week I received Nathalie’s fabulous sketch of ‘La Bellevue’, capturing ‘Annie’s House’, ‘La Grange d’Henri’, the main house, and the entrance to our troglodyte caves…

Now I can’t wait to get it framed for ALL to see – thank you so much and needless to say, Gérald and I are looking forward to welcoming you both back to ‘La Bellevue’.

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