Website testimonials for your french holiday property As a French property owner, you are constantly competing for bookings with other owners in your area. What do you do to stay ahead of the competition? In times when demand outstrips supply, you should all be able to co-exist happily, but the number of available rental units has been rising steadily and exchange rate fluctuations and economic crises are conspiring to dampen demand too. Internet searchers will usually look at a number of properties before choosing those to enquire about, so how do you increase the chances of your property being one of them?

Aside from making your site clear and easy to use, visually attractive with plenty of good photos and fast loading, one of the things you could do is to place testimonials from previous happy holidaymakers on your site. If you are not asking every visitor for their comments (and the permission to use them on your website) then you are really missing a trick. Testimonials are free, they can be made to look attractive on your website, you can also use them on social websites and as part of your directory listings on other websites. In many other areas of business word-of-mouth is one of the best ways of attracting new customers, so why not use your happy customers to convince your website visitors?

Testimonials can be added to a specific page on your site or can be dotted about any number of pages for effect. You can manage them yourself just by placing the text where you want it. If your website runs on WordPress then there are a number of widgets you can use to manage testimonials on your site.

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