Publishing to the web is so much easier these days, making it possible for all French Property Owners, no matter what their level of technical expertise, to promote their rental property online on a holiday website or blog, or on various social media sites such as Facebook. All one needs is a computer, an internet connection, and some words and images to show the property off to best effect. Whilst this empowerment is great, for example by bringing down the cost of a web presence for you, it does bring some issues, notably – now that web publishing is so easy it is generating a whole new wave of additional content to present to would-be holidaymakers looking for a suitable place to stay when they next venture to France. The number of web pages promoting French rental properties is increasing at a very fast rate, presenting a bewildering array of choices to search engine users, making it harder for your property to get found.

This series of hints and tips (in no particular order of importance) will hopefully help you to stand out from the crowd, improving the traffic to your website and helping convert more visitors into bookings!

Good images are essential for french property websites if they are to retain visitors Tip 1 – Be visual

Remember! Yours isn’t the only holiday property in the area, and it won’t be the only property seen by search engine visitors looking for their ideal holiday retreat. So it needs to stand out from the crowd and it needs to do so from the moment the visitor arrives on your site.

Whilst text content is generally (but not always) what gets your site noticed by search engines in the first place, for holiday rental websites it is often the imagery on the main landing pages that grabs the visitors’ attention and keeps them on your site. Website visitors have short attention spans – if they don’t see what they want within a few seconds of opening your website they will go elsewhere.

This means that you need good-quality images on all landing pages in your website – those pages that visitors arrive at first when they come to your website. This isn’t always your home page (your web statistics or analytics should be able to show you which pages your visitors land on). Make sure that the images are big enough to be seen “by the unaided eye” and that they show the property in good light. If you are marketing the ideal summer holiday accommodation, don’t show the property under 2 feet of snow. By all means direct your visitors to a photo gallery, but make sure you have given them sufficient reason on the landing page to keep them there long enough to see your Photo Gallery link!

The examples shown on the right are just a couple of websites we came across on the web that we thought were attractive and good enough to hold the attention of the casual web surfer. You don’t necessarily need professionally taken photographs, but they must be sized to fit neatly on the page, they must be sharp and in focus, and the subject matter should be highly relevant to what you are selling.

An example of a holiday rental website with great visual appeal showcases a commendable visual design for several reasons. Firstly, its clean and intuitive layout ensures effortless navigation, enhancing the user experience. The colour palette, predominantly composed of soothing earth tones, evokes a sense of natural elegance, aligning with the brand’s woodworking theme.

Holiday website design

The website’s high-resolution images beautifully display their crafted products, allowing visitors to appreciate the intricate details and craftsmanship. Thoughtful typography choices make content legible and aesthetically pleasing, fostering readability and engagement. Responsive design elements adapt seamlessly across various devices, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

Furthermore, the strategic use of whitespace provides breathing room and emphasizes key elements, preventing visual clutter. Overall, masterfully balances aesthetics, functionality, and usability, setting a benchmark for exceptional visual design.

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