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Show visitors where your property is

If the location of your french business is important to your website visitors (for example, if you are selling or renting holiday properties or if you have a shop or office that people need to find) it might be worth reading on…

Do your potential customers know where you are?

Take a quick look at your website, and try to put yourself in the shoes of someone new arriving at the site and expecting to buy what you have on offer. Is it immediately obvious where they need to go to find you, or whereabouts you are situated (for example, if you have a property for holiday rental near La Baule, is it easy for website visitors to see how close you are to the beach, how far from the nearest town etc.?).

Whether you display a detailed map on your site showing precisely where your holiday rental property is located or whether you prefer to wait until the booking is made before parting with that sort of information, you will still need to let your web visitors know roughly where your property is. Bear in mind that not all of your visitors will be as knowledgable as you about France, and may not even know where Brittany or Pays de la Loire is in relation to the rest of France!

French Property / Business Mapping Options

There is such a wide range of maps on french property websites, from simple (and complex) home-grown drawings to sophisticated interactive maps, showing visitors where the property is. We favour using Google Maps, as they are fairly easy to install, can be tailored to suit any view that you think appropriate, and most website visitors are familiar with them and know how to use them to zoom in and out and drag the map around to give the view they want. In addition, it”s free – all you need is to ask Google for an API Map Key, and you might be lucky enough to be able to offer your visitors a Google Street View of your location (see image in this section), so they can see exactly what it looks like from ther outside and even move about up and down the street, look across the road and take a walk around the corner. This could be an incredibly powerful sales tool for you, and could prevent a potential holidaymaker from looking at any further holiday properties once they find your site!

Hopefully, you will see an example of Google mapping at the end of this article. As the website owner you can choose whether to default the map to show a map view, a satellite view or a terrain view and you can also choose the zoom level. If you wanted to really help your visitors out you could show a couple of maps – one zoomed right out and showing the whole of France, with a marker to show the approximate position of your property in the country as a whole, and a second map to show your holiday property within the local area. why not show a zoomed-out map on your home page, and then a detailed map on your “find out more” page?

Whatever solution you choose, the important thing is that you let your visitors know where you are.

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