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September’s gone!!!

Good to be back in France after a hectic couple of weeks back in Blighty where we had a reunion with some relatives from Australia and stayed in an interesting converted windmill in East Sussex. I’m now gearing up for the Anglo Info ‘Living, working and enjoying life in Brittany’ Exhibition in Josselin on Saturday and Sunday, where I’m having an Usborne Book Stall. My latest team member Karen who joined Usborne last week is also going to be helping me, so we hope to book lots of Home Parties in the run up to Christmas.

Fish and Chips, Elizabeille and Skype. Read more from Philippa…

Library Membership in France

Do libraries exist any more? I can see the huge advantages if an ipad, no heavy books to carry around, no storage problems, paper usage is reduced and new ‘books’ can be immediately downloaded. But.. It isn’t quite the same reading a book on a screen. Confession. We have lived in France for almost nine years and I haven’t yet even been into a French library. Shocking.

How do Nicola\’s experiences of library and other public services in France compare with your own? Read more and let us know…