Its incredibly mild for February, which gives credence to global warming. Lots of daffs in flower, and I even had to cut all the gite gardens lawns as the grass is growing too well.

Next week we have our first stays of the year – its a course run by Victoire Slakey on PSYCH-K which I have no idea what its about but she seems to have invited an American woman over to do the teaching and the course is full. So we will see later.

The music front is going well at the moment. The “l’harmonie ” is expanding and we regularly have over 20 and each rehersal with another 12 students/beginners in an earlier class. It irritates me that there seems to be no quality control – you can just turn up at a practise and claim to play and ruin the repetition by playing awful, so they should have a first stage repetition class and if you are deemed good enough you can advance. There is a new guy in our sax section turns up with an alto claims he has done 3 years with the ecole de musique  and other than warming it up couldn’t follow the music at all. He’s the type that really irritates Paulien – 60yrs and washes in aftershave. Its all going to change as the director is retiring at the end of the year (he is 82) and has bad sight and so doesn’t follow the score too well, and the next chef Jean Marc is more democratic. If we say we don’t like something we don’t play it.

Tomorrow we have a gig at one of the many retirement homes in Lannion where one of the residents starts singing with the band. Its a bit painful.

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