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Nicola Harrington

About seven months ago, the mayor agreed to sell us a small right of way which only serves our garden.

The Notaire asked for our marriage certificate (I have absolutely no idea why our marriage certificate has any relevance to buying a tiny piece of land), which I sent by return. Since then we have heard nothing.

Enough is enough

I went to see the mayor’s secretary this afternoon.

“Yes, that is strange”, she agreed. “The pre-emption period has passed”.

Yes, thankfully, now, we won’t have a local farmer growing his tomatoes next to our gable end!

“Eugene!” she shouted to the mayor in the next office. “Madame Harrington is here, have you heard about the right of way?”

“No!” he shouted back. “If you get me the Notaire, I’ll ask where we are”.

After a rather protracted conversation, it appears that no one is quite sure who the land belongs to.

The Notaire agreed to look into it….

This may take some time!

Please help us!

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