I was just checking the Brittany Ferries website to see whether there was an update on their project to roll free wi-fi access out across their entire fleet from May. I couldn’t see any update, but perhaps if you have used it (or know how the project is going) please leave us a comment below this post.

Whilst on the Brittany Ferries site I did notice what looks like a new page showing the current location of all their ferry fleet between England, France, Spain and Ireland. Not sure what practical use this might be but it was interesting to see, and there are a few things you can play with on the page. For example, tracking a ship. If you float your pointing device (mouse) over one of the boats you can see it’s current speed and a track of it’s previous route. You can also move the slider at the bottom to roll the map backwards to show the ferry positions over the previous 24 hours.

Screenshot of Brittany Ferries ferry tracking system

Screenshot courtesy of brittanyferries.com

I guess this might be useful if you’re running late on your journey to the port and wanted to check where your ferry was in the channel. If you can think of a practical use for this tool, please leave us a reply below.

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