Usborne books representative in Brittany and Normandy Ok so we’re here, finally, after our move to Brittany, and I can’t believe how fast the past two weeks has gone!

The furniture was delivered on schedule and then we had the task of deciding where everything was to go. We also cleared out our barn, which was five years overdue, and had three full dechetterie runs in our van.

We’ve now rebuilt wardrobes, changed pictures around and the place feels more like home than just a holiday home.

My Siret number has now come through so I’m fully registered here and have now added our French telephone number to my Usborne Books signs and Tots to Travel signs on our van. The Tots to Travel job is going well and I only feel I’ve scratched the surface yet. There are so many child-friendly gites around, and it’s good to feel that I’m starting to help house owners fill their empty weeks! If anybody is interested I think there are still a few of Wendy Shand’s free books available for house owners with tips and advice.

On the Usborne Books front, there will be a stall at the AIKB Kermesse over in Laniscat (they’ve changed the date to 22nd August now). I’m also looking into having a stand at an Anglo Info exhibition at the beginning of October, in Josselin.

In fact, Josselin seems to have been our centre of the universe recently!
We had a great time there at a medieval feast on the evening of the 13th of July, followed by the Medieval Festival on the 14th. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t kind on the 14th, with some very heavy downpours during the day – as everyone has made such an effort and there were loads of people in some very impressive Medieval costumes wandering around the town.
Allan and I also did a Vide-Grenier on Sunday in Josselin. The good weather had returned by then and it was a baking hot day and I was very pleased that we had taken our gazebo for shelter!

We travel back to the UK tomorrow for the next couple of weeks, tying up loose ends and selling our final goods and chattels that we have left there on eBay. Can’t wait to be back here though in August!

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