Today we met Mme Dubois at the government offices in Vannes, armed with all our documents:

Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites

Nicola Harrington

birth certificates, marriage certificates (both for us and our respective parents), our accounts, tax returns, houses deeds, certificates confirming that our children attend the local school, and our passports), for our first meeting in order to apply for French Nationality status.

Not enough paperwork!!

We left with another list of documents that we must collate…

UK police reports for us both (are these easy to get hold of ?), the ‘long’ form of birth certificates for us all that show our parents details, forms from the local treasury to confirm that we have paid all our taxes (income tax and taxe d’habitation), a letter from the bank manager confirming the state of our finances(??), a valuation of our house, and the list goes on…

Mme Dubois said that we must submit our original birth and marriage certificates.

‘When will we get these back?’ I asked.

‘We will hold them for you. Why do you need your original birth certificate, are you planning to leave the country?’

Apparently the French only ever get a copy of their birth certificate. All originals are kept by the state.


We are to return when we have a complete dossier….

Just off to phone the Police for a Police report….

Please help us!

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