Transforming waste pipe

Yesterday morning, women with baskets made their way to the village hall.

The other baskets were stuffed with felt for making broaches and small bags, decorative Christmassy paper, stiff card, and tea lights for making lanterns, canvases and acrylic paints, slates, and paper serviettes. Mine had pieces of plastic waste pipe and yellow sandpaper.

Napkin rings made from waste pipe

The president asked us each to present our ideas. To be honest I’m not quite sure how to progress these pieces of plastic tubing and I don’t think the other Reminiac women are entirely convinced either!

I spent the next couple of hours sanding down my plastic rings and tried to ignore the intrigued glances as everyone (including me!) was wondering what I would do next…

Prototype napkin rings… Not sure how these will be received on Saturday.

I now have an idea forming in my head. Advent calendars from used toilet rolls

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