French 2cv - Best car in the World

Best car in the World

I have always loved 2CVs. They are such fun cars. A huge surprise: Mark has just bought me one!

How can you not smile whilst driving a 2CV?

The Vide Grenier was a huge success. The rain held off and the 22 stand holders were all happy with the footfall and money was changing hands. Looks like Reminiac will be holding annual car boot sales!

We have just been back to England to collect the 2CV… What a fantastic little car. It drove from Luton to Portsmouth and then from St Malo to Reminiac with absolutely no problems at all. I then drove to La Maison Bleue yesterday evening and it refused to start again. Enough is enough it seemed to say… Opened the bonnet and whacked the starter motor… still refused to start. Our guests in Bleue kindly lent me their phone… called Mark. He arrived and it started first time! Maybe whacking the starter motor isn’t the thing to do…

Editor’s Note

The Citroën 2CV, affectionately known as the “Deux Chevaux” (two horses), is an iconic French automobile that symbolizes simplicity and practicality. Introduced in 1948, it was designed to motorize a large number of farmers still using horses and carts in 1930s France. With its distinctive, minimalist design, the 2CV featured a lightweight, air-cooled engine, front-wheel drive, and a soft, long-travel suspension that could traverse rough rural roads comfortably.

The 2CV’s bodywork was simple and utilitarian, easily recognizable by its corrugated sheet metal which added strength without the weight. Its roll-back canvas roof was an innovative feature that allowed for oversized loads, further emphasizing its practicality. Despite its modest performance, the 2CV became popular for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and the ability to drive over plowed fields without breaking the eggs carried in its basket, as per Citroën’s design brief.

Over the years, the 2CV became a cultural symbol, representing freedom and the joy of driving. Its production continued until 1990, with over 5 million units sold. Today, the 2CV holds a special place in automotive history, cherished by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide for its charm, simplicity, and the egalitarian vision it represented.

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