cucumberI am dreadful at updating from previous posts and for this I apologise.

Today I received a comment from Carrie asking me how the frozen cucumber experiment went.

I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t the greatest of successes!

We did, eventually, defrost the cucumbers, and I think we could have used them for soup.

However, I’m not mad on cucumber soup (tasteless) and I didn’t have the necessary ingredients for gazpacho so we gave them to the pigs. The pigs were very happy.

I’m sorry not to be more positive. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have come to my blog via a search of “how to freeze cucumbers”. In future I will make even more gazpacho soup – which freezes/defreezes beautifully – and leave it at that.

This year we have once again had a good crop of cucumbers but with a mixed quality of fruit.

I imagine that this is something to do with the drought during the spring – although we did water the veggie patch and the cucumbers are under plastic. We’ve got plenty for the time being but some have not developed in the centre at all. Happy pigs again.

If anyone has a good freezing cucumber recipe please let me know!

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