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Nicola Harrington

François calls.

‘I have spoken to Fabienne and we would like you to make the desserts for the Christening meals’

Meals. How many meals do they have at Christening in France? The christenings that I have been to in England usually end up with a rather dry egg sandwich.

Without me even asking the question, François continued, ‘There is a meal at lunch time, bien sûr, and we thought a Christmas cake and maybe some of those little cakes (cupcakes) for the children. In the evening we also eat and here we thought une pièce montée. There will also be champagne when we serve the pièce montée’.

‘Une quoi?’ I asked, wondering whether I had any marzipan left from the Christmas cakes I made in December.

‘C’est facile. It is just choux, crème et caramel.’

Une pièce montée. Now off to do a Google search…

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