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Nicola Harrington

François, a close friend, has just called.

Would I be godmother to their son. Shock, doesn’t really describe the emotion I was feeling.

François and Fabienne are one of the most sociable couples I know. Every weekend is spent with friends, taking aperitifs here, having lunch there… always on the go. They have a whole host of friends, so why me ?.

OK, yes, I was flattered. Once, I got over that emotion, the practicalities began to raise themselves, both short term and long term. I have never been inside a catholic church, let alone been to a baptême (christening). What goes on ?. And, what would François and Fabienne expect from a godmother ?

So why, with all these questions filling my head, did I immediately say, “Yes, of course.’

‘Super, François replied, ‘We are meeting the priest tonight, he needs to confirm a few things and we need to book the church. Where were you christened ?’

‘I wasn’t.’

‘You weren’t, ah, that could be a problem. On verra. I’ll call you when we have set the date. A bientôt.

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