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Nicola Harrington

Monday morning. French Lesson.

François was patiently trying to explain ‘le plus-que-parfait’. I have no idea.

Suddenly, he stopped. “Nicole, there is a man in your garden with a lettuce”.

I opened the back door, glad of the diversion, and saw the back of Matheo go out of the gate and back to his car.

Matheo is a lovely man in his 70’s who has a fantastic vegetable patch and quite often will leave us vegetables on the back door step.

François raised an eyebrow and we returned, me somewhat reluctantly, to le ‘plus-que-parfait’.

Mark returned home on Monday evening, grinning. “What is so funny?” I asked.

“Oohh.. there will be rumours about you flying around tomorrow”.

Mark had met François in the Bricomarché and François had been very embarrassed, but thought ‘Mark should know’, that a man came to our house this morning, with a present (a lettuce !!… well, it makes a change from toilet rolls !!) for me and left when he saw Francois.

As Mark was driving home, Matheo stopped him in the village, to ask whether he was aware that I was having coffee with ‘another man’ at 10.00am.

Mark was really enjoying this… I was thinking about the rumours…

“Want some advice?”, Mark asked, grinning, as he reached the door…

“Best not ask them both round at the same time !!”

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