The House of Wooden Santas - a story by Kevin Major 1 In May of this year, we welcomed Kevin and Anne Major to ‘La Bellevue’.

Passionate about wine and a recognized wine blogger (“One Brilliant Bottle”), Kevin is also a highly acclaimed and award winning writer from Newfoundland, Canada.

Gérald and I, including “The Sturdies”, the affectionate name given to Augustin & Constance, shared a truly memorable three weeks with Kevin and Anne, sampling wines over spontaneous bbq’s and dinners held outside on the terrace.

The House of Wooden Santas - a story by Kevin Major 2

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and as Kevin and Anne’s stay drew to an end, Kevin presented Augustin & Constance with “The House of Wooden Santas” – a deeply felt story keeping in the spirit of the Christmas season, magically tracing the days of December like an advent calendar.

To say we were heart warmingly touched by this personal and exceptionally kind gift was an understatement, and as we currently move through December, “The Sturdies” share our anticipation for each day’s chapter as we follow nine-year old Jesse on his journey of personal discovery.

“One Brilliant Bottle” hit a milestone this week, with its 100th wine entry. Beautiful photographs are accompanied by non-pretentious writing and understandably “One Brilliant Bottle” was a Finalist of the Wine Blog Awards.

Treasured friends, we are looking forward to Kevin and Anne’s return to the Loire Valley to once again share tireless conversations over new vintage finds.

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