We now live in a society where litter is less of a problem.

We are now much more responsible when it comes to litter, which is somewhat surprising as there are very few litter bins.

I understand the reasons why litter bins had to be drastically reduced, as they’re particularly useful for terrorists when hiding potentially lethal bombs.

We have now become used to taking our litter home with us.

Generally, this is fine… but the decaying remains of a picnic in a hot car for six hours can make the journey home a little unpleasant.. for this reason, bananas are banned from our summertime picnic..

Imagine my joy at discovering bins at Damgan beach.. bananas and melons are back on the menu !!

The Tardis Bin

The Tardis Bin

We have been having picnics at Damgan for years, and I have never experienced an overflowing bin.

Do they empty these bins twice or three times a day, or are the French less offended by decaying fruit skins ?

Yesterday I discovered the answer to this problem that has been on my mind for the last ten years : these bins are literally tardis’s!!

They are huge…so clever, the bins sink into the ground, allowing the huge bin bags to absorb so much more rubbish.

Please help us!

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