Our blue door

Our blue door

La Maison Blanche this week.

La Maison Blanche has a brown back door and brown windows. I have always thought that they looked pretty grim… this week ALL change.

I chose a lovely summery blue paint… Monday and Tuesday were spent rubbing down and undercoating. The three La Ville Hatte widows watched my progress.

Yesterday, I got out the blue paint… I was half way through painting the back door when Melanie, the more vocal of the Ville Hatte widows, arrived.

“Je n’aime pas la couleur”.

No beating around the bush there… say it as it is Melanie !!

I tried to convince her that the blue was brighter and prettier. She wasn’t having any of it.

She has got me worried now… was the dingy brown better that my summery blue ?

I’m back at Maison Blanche today with my pot of blue paint to paint the front window blue…

I hope the Ville Hatte widows don’t stage a revolt… wish me luck !!

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