Preparations are gathering pace for the annual Reminiac Summer Fête: the Fête Communale.

For the occasion, the entire village has been decorated with bunting and balloons.

Entertainment will be provided from 4 pm by a Breton band from Plougoumelen who will offer a free outdoor fest Deiz near the village pond for a good 2 hours (fest Deiz is the daytime equivalent of the famous fest Noz, or night festival, where traditional Breton dances are performed in groups).

During the dances, visitors and dancers alike will be able to enjoy sweet crêpes, savoury pancakes, as well as sausages. A “buvette” (refreshment stand) under a marquee will offer drinks too, including beer, local cider, and soft drinks.

Various games have also been organised for a wider audience, with shuffleboards, Breton bowls, etc, and there is also going to be a tombola this year. A tombola with a difference.

Village fete at Reminiac

It is a ‘Name the sheep’ tombola. Choose the correct name and you will win a sheep!

The president of the ‘Village Fête Association’ has been busy securing prizes:

First prize – A sheep

Second Prize – 3 Rabbits

Third Prize – 2 chickens

Fourth Prize – 3 baby rabbits

Fifth prize  –  5 chicks

I nervously asked the president ‘Would the prizes be alive?’

‘Mais, bien sûr!’

Whilst I want to, at all times, be supportive, I’m not sure if we could look after a sheep…

Village fete Reminiac

Anyway, continuing with the Fête programme, a hot meal will be served early evening, including a starter, choucroute de la mer (see below) as a main course (yummy!) cheese, and dessert for a cost of 12 euros per person (1/2 price for children). The meal needs to be pre-booked either at the Mairie or with volunteers.

The meal will then be followed by a free public dance will a DJ (this is called a Bal populaire, a very popular ball in France, especially on July 14th or August 15th). While adults enjoy the ball, children will be able to attend a torchlight procession through the village, which has been organised especially for them by the Fête committee.

Finally, to end the day with a bang, visitors will enjoy musical fireworks set over Reminiac Pond for a good half-hour.

As for the ball, it will carry on well into the night, finishing at 2 am!

Personally, even though I look forward to the entire day and evening, one worry remains: I have bought 20 tombola tickets… I really hope the sheep isn’t called Pierre or Patrice!

Editor’s Note:

Choucroute de la mer

Choucroute de la mer is like the cool, sea-loving cousin of the traditional sauerkraut dish: a cozy plate filled with tender, tangy sauerkraut, and potatoes, but instead of the usual pork, it is served with a variety of succulent seafood and a sauce au beurre blanc. We’re talking plump shrimp, juicy mussels, maybe a scallop or two, and a nice piece of fish, all steamed to perfection. It’s a delightful twist that takes your taste buds on a seaside adventure, blending the comforting, homey vibes of sauerkraut with the fresh, briny flavors of the ocean. Perfect for when you’re craving something hearty yet sophisticated, choucroute de la mer is a dish that definitely brings the best of both worlds to the table.

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