imagesCAJLBKAV I can’t believe it’s May already… and for some families, attention is turning to the long summer holiday… and the never-ending problems with keeping the children amused. For parents that both work, the long break of around ten weeks can pose problems… and not just the “I’m bored” syndrome! How can parents carry on with their respective jobs and ensure the children are happy and safe?

Colonies de Vacances

imagesCAGPIJK3 In France, we’re lucky enough to have a massive choice of summer camps or ‘colonies’ to choose from, which run during each major school holiday. Colonies de Vacances is an independent guide aimed at the 4 – 18 age group and features hundreds of camps across France. You can choose which ‘colonie de vacances’ will be most suitable for your children by holiday period, age, area of France, and activity type. So whether your child is into sport, likes exploring science or space, spending time with animals, is interested in magic, or wants to sing and dance their way through the holidays, there is something for everyone, that caters to all ages. For the older teens, there are also organised trips abroad…they can visit Scandinavia and follow the route of the Vikings, for example, or visit Japan, the USA, or Canada.

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Editor Notes

Have you been to a Summer Camp in France or used one for your children? Would you consider it, and would your prime consideration be to keep your children occupied and stimulated or to avoid you having to take time off work? I have to say that none of this was available when I was a child (or at least…. my parents never told me about them!)

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