An encounter with stinging caterpillars

Yesterday, Joe had been playing outside all afternoon, and when he came in (for food!), I noticed he was scratching.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing” he replied, (the now standard response to any of my questions), then he left the kitchen, still scratching, before I could ask any more probing questions.

This evening, after his shower, he was still scratching.

I checked his back: it was covered in what looked like large mosquito bites, but no, some of them had an orange hair coming out of the centre.

Stinging Caterpillar

Stinging Caterpillar

Back to the shower to get rid of these orange hairs… what are these bites?

I have just returned from the pharmacist.

They are caterpillar stings.

Caterpillars or larvae of certain moths possess stinging hairs.

These sharp hairs or spines break off in the skin easily, causing pain like a needle prick.

Stings generally occur when accidentally brushing against one of these caterpillars or attempting to remove it by hand from clothing or on the body.

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