fête de la soupe

Fête de la soupe

Yesterday should have been Christmas day. Crisp, cold and snowy.

What a perfect day for the Fête de la soupe!

We drove through the narrow lanes to La Gacilly. The snow fell.

La Gacilly is a crafty village and is home to hundreds of craftspeople from ironworkers, glass blowers, dressmakers, woodcarvers, artists, potters, chocolatiers. In fact, all crafts can be found at La Gacilly. It is truly a magical place. Situated on a hill, the cobbled streets lead to small brightly lit shops in which each craft is merchandised to perfection.

The shops were invited to offer a small space for a soup pot and a warming plate and a green and orange flag was placed outside the shop to indicate that this shop was participating in the soup tasting.


We paid 10 euros for four bowls and spoons and were invited to try 38 different soups.

We started with nettle soup, then carrot and Jerusalem artichoke (not bad at all), french onion, leek and mint, banana (absolutely disgusting!) and camembert (very very nice!).

Our favourites were the spicy lentil and the seafood soup.


10 years on and the Fête de la soupe is still very popular, having celebrated its 13th edition in November 2019. Prices have gone up slightly, and a single bowl of soup will cost you 4,50 euros and four bowls will set you back 16 euros.

Why not take a look at the Fête de la soupe’s Facebook page here?

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