Can a 15km cycle ride be described as a warm-up?

I have heard a rumour. There are to be two cycle rides: the first, next Friday, is a 15km ‘warm-up’ ride along the country lanes surrounding Reminiac.

I do hope this rumour is not true… I do not consider 15km to be in ANY way a warm-up and if this is the warm-up, how long is the two-day cycling trip? Don’t even think about it, I tell myself.

Not only is 15km bad enough, but the roads around Reminiac are so hilly, mountainous even!

Woman on a bicycle

There is a meeting at the school on Monday evening where ‘the final details will be explained’.

I have a slight suspicion that this rumour may be true as the headmaster’s wife approached me at the school today, fully kitted out in lycra cycling trousers and a very aerodynamic cycling hat. She asked if I would like to join her on a couple of cycle rides before next Friday’s trip. Now, she knows EXACTLY how unfit I am.

I spluttered and agreed to a ‘gentle’ ride next Tuesday.

‘Super’, she yelled as she athletically jumped on her bike. Her head was down and she was off.

Right, I need to get some exercise before Tuesday. We are cycling to and from school from now on…

A few days later and…

Cycle trip around Reminiac Brittany France
The 15km ‘warm-up’

It is true. The ‘warm-up ride’ is 15km.

The headmaster has just explained to us, parent volunteers, the full details of the cycling trip that will take place in a couple of weeks’ time. However, to get us (and the children !) slightly fit, he is proposing a 15km ride around the lanes of Reminiac on Friday. This will prepare us for the 53km ride over 2 days the week after (just who is he trying to kid?).

To make matters worse we will be sleeping in tents overnight… We cycle 28km, erect tents, get 30 children fed, showered and to bed, get very little sleep as a consequence of sharing a tent with seven 8 -10-year-old girls, get up, prepare breakfast, ensure everyone has packed their own belongings in their bags, dismantle the tents and cycle another 25km… I feel I should be feeling some apprehension, but actually, I am really looking forward to this trip… maybe it hasn’t all sunk in yet…

I have a trial run at the 15km warm-up tomorrow afternoon with the headmaster’s wife, perhaps that will knock my rose-tinted glasses off!

Please help us!

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