Rachel Gallard Smoke alarms in France are compulsory in buildings that welcome the public (hotels for example) but they will only be compulsory in 2015 for private houses.

Why wait so long?

When you think 10,000 people are injured and 800 people die each year in France in a fire… They could easily be saved.

Smoke alarms can be purchased from DIY shops or supermarkets in France.

They are about 10 euros each. Quite cheap when you think they can save your life…

Editor’s notes on Smoke Alarm Regulation in France

  • In 2009, 6 out of 8 popular smoke detectors in France did not work properly
  • In official tests, the most effective smoke detectors also seem to be the most expensive, so if you buy one make sure it is effective
  • All smoke alarms in France must comply with the quality standard EN14064
  • Smoke alarms can often be purchased from your local fire station

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