Fresh produce aisle in chilled cabinet in supermarket-shopping trolley Setting up a business in France is not easy.

There are miles of red tape and the costs of setting up and maintaining a small business are in most cases prohibitive. National Insurance contributions are complex and usually amount to 30% of GROSS turnover!

Therefore the rules and costs associated with setting up a new business in France do not encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, and enterprise is usually dominated by large companies.

Setting up a small business in France

Yesterday, I was driving through Augan and spotted a new shop… and it looked different… a bit hippy!

In defiance of the growing stronghold of the large French supermarket chains, this shop has been set up to sell mainly local organic produce.

The ambiance in the shop encouraged you to spend, the wooden shelving, the smell of fresh coffee and hot bread, the fresh produce… yes, it was all there… a real shopping experience.

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