The French have so much style.

They do ‘things’, so well, with class and panache, simple but never cheap and trashy.

This was highlighted yet again this weekend.

Earlier this year, a young couple who lives in our tiny hamlet had a little girl, and she was christened at the weekend.

Christening gift

Christening gift

At about 7 pm last Saturday, the proud father knocked at the door and presented me with a small parcel.

The attention to detail was amazing… the little character is made of metal, and the baby’s name and date of christening are written on the little blackboard…

Inside ‘were’ (they are no more) delicious chocolate-coated almonds.

Editor’s note

It is traditional in France to give sugar-coated almonds to guests at christenings. The French call them Dragées. The classic dragée is made of sugared almonds, but there are other varieties, such as chocolate, caramel, fruit, nuts, etc.

French sugar-coated almonds in glass jars with cork tops and lace decoration

Why almonds, you may want to ask? Almonds are a symbol of eternal love and happiness. According to popular belief, dragées also represent fertility and abundance, which is the reason why they are given to guests at weddings, christenings, communions, etc.

It has to be said that, unlike Nicola, our guest blogger, the majority of French people tend not to eat the sugared almonds that are given on special occasions but prefer to keep them as a keepsake and a souvenir. It probably depends on the individual!

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