Saucisse de Morteau After watching French chef Raymond Blanc on English TV last week, I suddenly fancied one of the dishes he cooked. The Morteau sausage, or Saucisse de Morteau… This sausage is made in the region of Franche Comté in North East of France. It is made with pork and is smoked the traditional way.

Morteau sausage can be served cold or hot. I cooked mine with boiled potatoes and choucroute (Sauerkraut). I cooked the sausage in water for 30 minutes, then added the potatoes and cooked it for another 10 minutes.

I bought the sausages from the Deli at our local supermarket Leclerc in Dinan.

If you are buying one, ensure it has a ‘proper’ tag (médaille) on it. You can find various ‘copies’ of this sausage in supermarkets but it won’t taste as good. It has a string on one side and a bit of wood on the other side used for hanging it whilst being smoked.

This particular Morteau sausage costs me €5. It was €13/kilo so rather dear but well worth it!

More information and Saucisse de Morteau recipes. I might try the recipe with the Mont D’Or cheese next time. It sounds lovely! If you like Mont d’Or cheese, you can find more info in another one of our posts.

When my English friends tell me English sausages taste better than the French ones, I don’t agree!

Try it and you will see why!

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