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The French love a strike and a demonstration. Last year, dairy farmers caused chaos as they demonstrated over falling milk prices. They refused to supply cheese factories and took to tipping trailer loads of manure in supermarket car parks.

Now, it is the oil refinery workers. They are not at all happy about the government’s plans to raise the age of retirement. 80% of all Total’s workers are now on strike. Eight of Frances’s twelve refineries have closed down, which is causing supply problems. The oil refineries have reported that there are only 10 days’ worth of fuel left. The government is desperate to prevent panic buying and has said there is enough fuel for a month.

We are already seeing the effects of this strike. Petrol stations in Carentoir and Malansac remain closed as they have run out of fuel and I queued for 40 minutes yesterday for diesel.

We can only sit back and watch the battle of wills between the unions and Sarkozy.

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