St Malo car ferry If you arrive in Saint-Malo by ferry as a foot passenger, you will find several hire car companies there.

Some are based at the port and the other ones can deliver cars to the port or pick you up and take you to their agency nearby.

Car hire advice: Shop around for the best deal and pre-book a hire car online.

Here are the companies you can find in St Malo:

Car Hire from St Malo ferry terminal St Malo ferry terminal entrance

Tel. 02 99 40 58 68

Car Hire from  St Malo

Tel. 02 99 56 75 17 (St Malo Gare TGV)

Tel. 02 99 56 31 61

Don’t forget your driving licence (permis de conduire). It doesn’t have to be a European licence. Your UK, Jersey, or Guernsey one will be fine.

Car Hire vocabulary

A few words you might need when booking your French hire car:

Booster seat = réhausseur de siège
Baby seat = siège bébé
Automatic: automatique (pronounced the same!)
Second driver = deuxième conducteur

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