Village fete Reminiac Yesterday was the village fête.

The weather was perfect… if anything, it was a little too hot at 34 degrees!!

At 9am there was a flurry of activity as stalls and gazebos were being set up…

At midday everything was ready and the queue for a galette saucisse was growing.

A galette saucisse is a Breton version of a hot dog. It is basically a sausage rolled up in a savory pancake.

Personally I prefer a British Hotdog with onions mustard and ketchup.. but today it was galette saucisse all round !


Village fete at Reminiac

The stalls opened at 2pm and there were games for everyone: archery, throwing a horseshoe round a pole, and even a lady giving ‘tattoos’ ..

Iona came home with a lizard on her shoulder and a frog on the back of her hand. The ink seems pretty permanent!!!..

At 6pm the winners of the tombola were announced… we didn’t win the sheep.

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