Muscovy duck in France - Brian and the 12 Apostles As a family, we decided a while back to raise Muscovy ducks in France. We have enough room to accommodate them, the children are very excited and, to be honest, so are we.

Today was quite an event: Mason (the mother) came out of the pen for the first time with her twelve babies in tow. Obviously, as a family, we felt it was important to name the ducklings. Since the one we have already hatched was named Brian (he was born on Easter weekend) the other ducklings have been awarded the title of the 12 Apostles. Do not blame me: it’s all the fault of Monty Python-mad children.

The ducklings are very sweet and fluffy. However, it’s slightly alarming that Mason has chosen to sleep on the bank tonight. Hopefully, if the fox comes, she can just tumble them all down the hill and into the moat. He last visited three weeks ago and took a chicken so we are really holding our breath and hoping he will stay away tonight.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I’ll inspect the hives and try and sort out the two in our neighbour’s garden.

Please help us!

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