Mary Louise was having her morning coffee when I popped into the bar for our baguette.

Hungry rabbit

Hungry rabbit

-“ça va?” I asked.

-“ça va pas” she replied, her faced looking like thunder.

I sat on one of the high stools next to her.

-“The rabbits are laughing at me.” (I tried not to smile)
-“I have put three cages amongst the vegetables, put tasty treats in the cages and I have only caught one rabbit. The rest are still eating my beetroot, carrots and spinach. There is nothing left. Absolutely nothing. I just don’t know what to do. Perhaps Pont Vert (agricultural shop / garden centre) have some different traps or even poison”.

-“What are you going to do with the rabbit in the cage?” I asked.

-“Eat it. The rabbit eats my petit pois: I eat the rabbit.”

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