Beautiful Quince


A couple of days ago, Brittany experienced some very, very high winds.

Not a drop of rain fell…it was just incredibly windy.

I kept looking anxiously out of the kitchen window at the quince tree.

It is my favourite tree in the garden and it was courageously hanging on to its precious fruits.

However, at about 7.00 pm, the wind got still stronger and three quinces had fallen from the tree. I could stand it no longer… I braved the wind and went outside to pick all the quinces.

Now, here is my conundrum… what to do with them? I need to start thinking of quince recipes, which isn’t as easy as it may sound.

I love the highly scented flavour of a quince, but they can be a little overpowering too.

Quince jelly, perhaps? But doesn’t jelly take an awfully long time to make?

Perhaps I’ll make an apple compote and put a quince in the pan as well.

Please help us!

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