Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites

Nicola Harrington

At about this time each year, I really enjoy decorating. Strange, I knowknow…. Just as well we have six gites to maintain !!

Today I started in earnest. I arrive at La Maison Creme with the intention of redecorating the downstairs bedroom, the downstairs toilet and the upstairs double bedroom. As I walked through the hall, I noticed that the paintwork was looking a little tired, and as I had all the stuff out I might as well do the hall stairwell and landing as well. Oh, that flush of enthusiasm when you start a project !!…

I just managed to finish painting the last wall before 4.30, but I was still a little late collecting Iona and Joe from school.

As I arrived 9 mothers turned… then I realised I must have paint in my hair… oh yes, and splattered all over my face.

Very solemnly, one mother turned, ‘Thankfully you don’t live in a town Nicole.’

Another woman with a huge basket was pushed towards me.

‘Nicole, we’ve bought 5kg of flour so that you can make the Christmas cakes for the Christmas fete.’

Help…. I’d forgotten all about them. This fete is on 4th December. Less than 3 weeks.

‘How many would you like?’ I ask

‘Well, we already have orders for 7, so how about 9.’

I might just get them baked, marzipanned and iced if I make one a day from tomorrow.

At least I have the flour !

Please help us!

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