Cars queuing up to refill at a French service fuel station

Today there is another fuel strike in France. Most petrol stations have now restricted opening hours and are limiting the amount of fuel purchased to between 15 and 30 euros per customer.

And now the lorry drivers have joined the demonstrators. Is the situation likely to escalate? Will oil refineries start being affected too? Will there be a fuel shortage as a result? At the moment, there hasn’t been a sign of panic buying, but how long for? Is the strike likely to last for just one day?

But that is not all: there are national strikes all across France today. The entire economy seems to be coming to a standstill with most schools and public offices remaining closed as employees protest and join the ranks of demonstrators. Official civil servant strikes are usually scheduled for just 1 day, but fuel strikes can go on for much longer.

Better keep a close eye on the situation…

What about you, as a resident in France?

Is the strike affecting you in any way? Please let us know your situation and what you think about this famous “strike culture” that seems rather popular in France. Do you agree with demonstrators, thinking that it is best to fight for what you believe in? Do you think that in the UK we tend to let things happen without much rebellion? We would be very interested in your views and personal experiences, so please feel free to comment.

Please help us!

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