The kitchen as it was on Monday

The kitchen as it was on Monday

Monday morning: after a very busy but pleasant weekend, we were finally ready to tackle the new week. We mostly had renovation work to look forward to at La Maison Orange and were quite excited at the prospect.

After breakfast, Mark arrived at La Maison Orange with a vanload of power tools.

The yellow brick fireplace was quickly removed, followed by the existing kitchen units and soon everything was in the trailer, bound for the déchetterie (that’s the dump to you and me!).

A new wall has now been erected along the left-hand side of the room, which has been jointed and plastered ready for me to redecorate today.

Varnished parquet flooring

Yesterday, I removed the entire contents of the first floor (including all the furniture) and prepared the parquet floor and stairs for re-varnishing.

As Mark left yesterday evening, he joked: “Should be finished tomorrow… I think we’re ready to let La Maison Orange from Saturday”. That sounded a bit optimistic, in my opinion.

However, I decided to humour him, and guess what I have done? Yes, you’ve got it right, as if by incredible coincidence, I took him to his word.

Someone called yesterday evening and asked: “Is La Maison Orange free from Saturday?”

What do you think? They arrive at 4.00 pm on Saturday!

This is an excellent result but now panic has set in: how long does floor varnish take to dry?

Please help us!

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