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Find out all about Pineau des Charentes

Usborne books representative in Brittany and Normandy


I have just met a lady who has literally just opened a fantastic new attraction in Laurenan, in the Côtes-d’Armor (just off N164 between Merdrignac and Loudeac).

Elizabeille open sign It’s a big craft hall called Elizabeille, where people can go to browse and buy some artisan produced goods and other giftware. Artisans display a whole range of goods from glassware to cushions, to shabby chic furniture and iron work, plus there’s a great Clothes Boutique selling new and as good as new good quality clothes. Elizabeille clothes rack There is also a range of second hand goods, from antiques to bric-à-brac, furniture and books.

In addition there are artisan demonstrations, craft classes, free activities for children and a children’s play area. There’s also a tea shop serving drinks and cakes, and a second hand section with various different items for sale too. Elizabeille a real treasure trove


Elizabeth Turner, who runs it, is an artisan herself who produces honey and beeswax gifts.

A real treasure trove!


Eventually there will be up to 70 artisans displaying their wares, but she still has some tables available if anyone is interested. She charges 12 euros per week and only asks that you attend your stall, or maybe give a demonstration once a month. Apart from that she will sell your items for you.

She is also looking for people to run craft classes and courses. In August there are a number of Farmers Markets running too, where local people are selling local produce. Elizabeille is open from Wednesday to Sunday: 10.30 – 18.00.

Cotes d’Armor in Brittany – craft hall, artisans, childrens activities

It’s a great venue and is well worth supporting.


Sadly, it seems the Elizabeille centre shut its doors around 7 years ago when the owners moved back to the UK

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