Wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms

I was driving through the village and suddenly Chantel leapt out in front of the car.

‘ I was hoping to catch you.’ She said, ‘Meet me behind the church in five minutes. Very clandestine.

When I arrived, Chantel was getting a basket from the boot of her car. It was FULL of mushrooms.

‘I won’t show you my mushroom hunting ground’, she said very honestly, ‘but I will share this mornings’ harvest with you. Do you prefer pied de mouton or ceps ?’

Wild Mushrooms frying in a pan

These mushrooms smell as mushrooms should

‘I don’t think I’ve ever tried either.’

‘Well, you shall today.’ Chantel replied.

She then gave me a lesson on how each mushroom should be prepared…. oh, and did I have a mushroom brush ?…all complicated stuff.

This evening we have feasted on wild mushrooms cooked in butter, garlic and parsley… Absolutely delicious.

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