A lunar calendar to improve my gardening skills

Does the lunar calendar work for planting fruit, vegetables, flowers, for sowing seeds, or for simply gardening? What is the Calendrier Lunaire? Read on.

Exporting a UK-bought LHD car to France

Is it possible or indeed practical to buy a LHD car in the UK, originally registered in Poland, and then import it to France? Are there guidelines to be followed?

Driving in France

In recent years, travelling across to the continent and driving in France has become increasingly easy for Brits, but there are laws and regulations to bear in mind while driving abroad.

Mushroom picking in France

In France, mushroom picking, or “la cueillette des champignons”, is practically a national sport during the Autumn season. However, there are guidelines to follow before wandering through the woods.

Pineau … or Pinot? Do you know the difference?

Pineau is a delicious alcoholic drink which comes from the Charentes region of France. It is a fortified wine made from 3 parts grape juice and 1 part Cognac and, like many great delicacies, was discovered by mistake.

Find out all about Pineau des Charentes

Wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms

I was driving through the village and suddenly Chantel leapt out in front of the car.

‘ I was hoping to catch you.’ She said, ‘Meet me behind the church in five minutes. Very clandestine.

When I arrived, Chantel was getting a basket from the boot of her car. It was FULL of mushrooms.

‘I won’t show you my mushroom hunting ground’, she said very honestly, ‘but I will share this mornings’ harvest with you. Do you prefer pied de mouton or ceps ?’

Wild Mushrooms frying in a pan

These mushrooms smell as mushrooms should

‘I don’t think I’ve ever tried either.’

‘Well, you shall today.’ Chantel replied.

She then gave me a lesson on how each mushroom should be prepared…. oh, and did I have a mushroom brush ?…all complicated stuff.

This evening we have feasted on wild mushrooms cooked in butter, garlic and parsley… Absolutely delicious.

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