Invitation to opening of Motor Skills Room, Reminiac, Brittany
Invitation to Motor Skills Room

A couple of weeks ago, we received through the post an invitation to ‘L’ inauguration de la salle de motricité’.

Reminiac now has its own ‘motor skills room’!

Yesterday evening, we went to the inauguration. The motor skills room is located in an outbuilding adjacent to the Mairie and is full of mats, hoops, jumps and tunnels, all designed to encourage motor skill development in small children. In England, we would call this a ’soft play area’… In France, everything is taken much more seriously, this is a Motor Skills Development room!

children's toy-metal motor loop-wooden base

There were, would you believe, 5 speeches: from the Mayor, an official from the Inspector of Schools, someone from the Town Council, the headmaster of the School, and the lady who had obtained the financing to open this small room. The speeches lasted for 50 minutes.

After the speeches, some of the smaller children of Reminiac (2 – 5-year-olds) demonstrated the equipment. I was amazed at the orderly way these children behaved. The equipment was laid out as a ‘course’, and the children all followed each other around; there wasn’t any barging in front, no pushing and the older children took the hands of the younger children to help them over trickier obstacles.

After a full demonstration, there were of course aperitifs!

Editor’s Note:

Toddler playing with various wooden and pasta shapes-Putting giant shape round his head

Motor skills refer to the movements and actions of the muscles in the body. They are categorized into two main types: gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills involve larger movements that use the big muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet, such as walking, running, jumping, and swimming.

Fine motor skills, on the other hand, involve smaller actions using the small muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists, like writing, buttoning, typing, and drawing. The development of motor skills is crucial for daily activities and overall physical coordination. These skills are developed through practice and repetition, and they play a significant role in an individual’s ability to interact with and navigate their environment effectively.

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