Lily of the Valley for labour day in France
Labour Day Flower – Lily of the Valley

Not only was 1st May the Vide Grenier at Reminiac, but it was also a Bank Holiday, the Fête du Travail.

The Fête du Travail (Labour day) is the first of the official holidays in May. This public holiday celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labour movement.

A little history…

On May 1st, 1561, King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley (or Muguets in French) as a lucky charm and thereafter decided to offer one each year to the ladies of the court.

It has now become the tradition on May 1st to give lily of the valley to friends and family as a symbol of springtime and to wish them happiness. It is said that whoever finds a lily of the valley with 13 small bells will be particularly lucky.

It is the only day in the year that people can sell flowers on the streets without official authorization… and without having to pay tax!

Now that you know about why French people give Lily of the Valley on 1st May, read more about the Lily of the Valley Tradition in France here.

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