Have just returned from a fantastic day in Rennes.

Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites

Nicola Harrington

Just not used to big towns.

And there were shops…dated, yes, but shops none the less !! A C&A, would you believe… now, when was the last time you saw a C&A ??

Really enjoyed the fast movement that you only find in large towns: cars hooting, the faint police siren, people walking in front of you… stuff that just doesn’t happen in Reminiac.

We visited Les Champs Libres, a science museum, planetarium and exhibition centre, where they were holding an exhibition on the earths’ structure, which interested Mark no end… one bit of rock is very much the same as another to me !!

We then went to the planetarium and sat in those seats that tip you up so that you can see the whole ceiling, and listened to a man explaining our solar system…. very, very, good. Iona loved it.

Back home to the faint drone of a combine harvester…not the same.

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