Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

Last year the canton of Plestin had the entire canton surveyed to determine the exact ownership of every square metre and to try and re-organize the land ownership, so there have been various land swaps around us, plus, they have secured funds for tree planting, so in a few years there will colonnades of trees all around us. We also had a little surprise as when we bought our property comprising about 10 parcels of land, the notaire, being incompetent, forgot one. So technically 1000 square meters of our orchard belong to the person we bought the property from. So he is in the process of transferring it to us with minimal costs (plus a quality whisky) before he sells the rest to the farmer.

My youngest son’s apprenticeship came to an end in December by mutual consent as it wasn’t working out. Since then, we have discovered his boss was doing innumerable malpractices: no supervision, working off ladders in a busy street and a long list of other things, but worst still was he hadn’t paid him for his last month of work, underpaid him 120 euros the previous 2 months, and paid in cash but hasn’t registered him so he probably wasn’t insured all along. We have the local union working on the case, and before it gets to the ”prud’hommes” they suggested a face-to-face meeting to resolve the differences. We attended this yesterday. It lasted barely 5 minutes, as they like to talk a lot. I just stated they hadn’t paid him correctly and if they weren’t going to give him the correct sum I was leaving and muttered some Anglo/saxon phrase at the guy, who exploded and wanted to hit me in the street. It’s pathetic. The guy is in the wrong and could be in deep merde if we go to the tax office as he has done a lot of work on the black and employs a couple of Roumanians.

So we just left the guy muttering in the street. Hopefully, he pays up before we have to send the suits in.

Please help us!

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