Brittany Communal Newsletter

Reminiac’s Newsletter

In January every French mairie’s newsletter is published and sent to each household in the commune.

This newsletter contains the minutes of all the official town hall meetings with the elected delegates. There is absolutely no confidentiality. If a matter is raised it is minuted!

The commune budget is also disclosed along with the reasons for the small deficit! In one commune, the photocopier broke and three pages of the mayors newsletter was dedicated to justifying the cost of a new €3, 474.16 photocopier!

The newsletter also notes the births, marriages and deaths within the commune over the past year and finishes with photos of all the local clubs, the fishing club, the old people’s club, the keep-fit class and, would you believe it, Reminiac even has a Comité des Fêtes! (a Festival Committee). Actually, to be fair, a comité des fêtes is something pretty normal in France and most towns, villages, etc. tend to have one.

A comité des fêtes is a non-profit association which is made up of volunteers. They organise events aimed at animating the town/village’s social life so residents can enjoy it either as participants or simply spectators (it can be either for one or more communes). Basically, the comité’s role is to keep the commune alive and entertained by organising cultural, educational or social festivals and events.

The good thing about the mairie’s newsletter is that I am now fully up to speed on the news of Reminiac.

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