Rachel Gallard La Chandeleur, also known as Jour des crêpes (Pancake Day) is celebrated in France on 2nd February each year. It is 40 days after Christmas (Noël).

I am not religious but I do like homemade pancakes! Being busy with work on 2nd February, I made my crêpes the day after with free-range eggs from our chickens and full-fat milk from my neighbour’s cows.

You know La Chandeleur is coming as all supermarkets have special offers on frying pans in France about 10 days before!

Making pancakes in frying pan

In France, we often have pancake parties for La Chandeleur. We invite friends and eat pancakes together! We usually have jam or chocolate spread on them.

I can’t really share my recipe with you because I don’t measure anything! It is called ‘au pifomètre’ or ‘au pif’ when we just put ingredients together without measuring them.

For the 2 of us, I use 2 eggs, about 2 handfuls of flour, a pinch of salt, and add milk until I get the right consistency. I don’t put sugar in as jam has already enough sugar in it. If needed (if the pancake sticks to the pan) I put a bit of oil but the full-fat milk from the farm replaces the oil!


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