Deserted beach at La Baule in November

Deserted beach at La Baule in November

After a fairly dismal week or so weather wise we decided to take a break from work and spend an afternoon in La Baule.

Nice menu du jour at La Bergerie on Avenue Générale de Gaulle – 3 courses for less than 12 euros – I took a rouleaux of smoked salmon with a chevre mousse, a stew of beef and carrots, and dessert of panna cotta. Very nice, and the restaurant (despite it being a Thursday in November) was virtually full. The patron said that about 90% were regulars! Given the competition for diners in La Baule, the inclement weather, and time of year, I think this is impressive.

A quick walk along a quiet seafront – well, it’s still one of the greatest beaches in Europe, even in the middle of November – and then off to the Cinema Gulf Stream…

Potiche is the latest Gérard Depardieu movie, with Catherine Deneuve, a film set in the 1970’s about a wife who takes over running her husbands umbrella business whilst he is hospitalised after a strike at his factory gets out of control. Amusing, easy to understand (pour un Anglais!), and enjoyable – but at 15 euros for the 2 of us, less value for money than our lunch!

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