Simon Pocock - Blues in BrittanyMy youngest boy has quit school and got a “job” (the technical name is work experience but this is full on work which he might get paid for).

It’s from a roofer who has offered him an apprenticeship, and for the past two weeks he has been working in Paris; not bad for a 16yr old!

On his return this weekend, he told me a funny story about two friends of his who are still at school and were bored last week (they all are at that age). They were wandering around the countryside and came across an old tractor. They hi-jacked it, driving it through the village and down country lanes, and then abandoned it.

It sounds like a stupid prank, but thinking of comparisons with inner city joyriding and leaving cars as burnt out shells, the tractor will do perhaps 15mph and is virtually impossible to destroy. Ironically, the mark of the tractor was Ferrari!

They did put a video on Facebook but sensibly took it off again as the local authorities would have probably wanted a chat with them.
Ideally, they should have been at the strawberry farm when I spent a day there last week. They could have helped us, driving their ancient tractor while Kas and Karen planted 6000 new plants. I found driving at less than walking pace for 8hrs very dull.

It was a busy week musically, with a lunchtime gig playing for the retired at Lannion, followed yesterday by a ceremony for the retirement of the local chef for the pompiers; today we play at Tonquedec in a valley where two partisans were shot by the Germans during WW2.

The French are very “fidèles” to their war heroes, which is more than can be said about DSK!

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