Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock

I have a very busy weekend on the music front this weekend. Tonight I’m playing with a small jazz band at the Pixie –  it’s their monthly jazz evening and the band’s first gig together.

Recently at Plestin I came across Rob (an English guy) who married the daughter of an English couple who moved to Plestin the same time as us, and they cultivate primroses, selling the plants and the seeds. They had a clip on their business on TF1 last week which is good publicity for them. Anyway, Rob and Jodie have decided to take on the business and are building a house on site which is just up the road from us. The good thing about Rob is he has done 5 years at uni studying music so is an excellent keyboard player, and I fixed him up with a couple of the guys from the evening jazz band class I go to and….. voila, a group is born. I suggested a name for us as the French like using English phrases ……….. ”The old farts ”, but that wouldn’t be fair on Rob and the bass player. One of the guys complained to me ”Simon I can’t find that phrase in my dictionary“……..hmm.

So tonight we will be doing some hardcore blues numbers in between a few lushy ones. One of the other sax players has a famous cousin I learnt this week. It’s Eric Le Lann, one of the top jazz trumpeters and modern jazz artists in France, but he will not  be joining us.

Saturday and Sunday I play with the Perros band as we do our final 2 concerts with the choral groups doing Verdi etc. They are at St Brieuc and Charaix, which should be fun, but also we can forget the classic stuff and concentrate on more contemporary music at the rehersals. The only downside is I will miss “Le Crunch” Sunday afternoon. I usually invite my friend Yves the pharmacist and we have joust in front of the TV.

My youngest son, who is continuing his roofing trade with another boss at Plestin, came home last night with his roofing hammer and asked… “guess how much it cost”. OK, he is left-handed and its a multi-function, stainless steel tool but… 202 Euros?

Please help us!

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