Pays de la Loire and Brittany Blog Looking back at 2010

A special thank you is extended to all of our readers and contributors, without whom this website would most certainly not be the success that it is!

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Elizabeille in Laurenan

We had a great 2010, with over 150 new posts added on a wide range of topics and traffic continuing to grow throughout the year. The content was supplied by 8 guest bloggers as well as myself. Thousands of unique visitors found us for the first time in 2010, but we want to make 2011 even better…

Looking forward to 2011

We want to reach even more people, more often, in 2011. This means growing our mailing list, improving our search engine optimisation, delivering highly relevant content, and discussing topics that prompt plenty of debate.

This is your community. Help us to help you by :

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Whether you want to improve your business prospects or just visit the site from time to time to read the latest posts, I want to make sure the content we serve is interesting and useful to you. If you live or work in the Brittany or Pays de la Loire regions then there are lots of ways in which you can get value from the website…

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Social Media and you

If you have a business and haven’t yet embraced social media, then I recommend you take a look – it could really enhance your prospects and put you in touch with a wider network of people who you can help, and who can help you.

I have been blogging for quite a few years, but have only really started to use it as a serious business tool over the past 12 months. I ‘Tweet’ on a semi-regular basis, and am an avid LinkedIn user. I haven’t yet built a Facebook business page (a resolution for 2011 perhaps). I don’t class myself as a social media expert, merely a serious social media user.

I’m going to put together a series of articles for the site over the coming months that looks at how social media can help you. If you have any advice to pass on to our readers please let me know – how are you using social media? what are the pitfalls? what are your biggest successes?

By the way, if you are already on Twitter or LinkedIn (you should be, you know) then you can

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