Brittany Ferries Pont-Aven ship with wifi badge It’s been a frustration of mine for quite a few years that internet access onboard cross-channel ferries (at least Brittany Ferries) has been non-existent, or available only at relatively high cost. I’m fairly reliant on internet access for my business and am an avid social media user, and so on one of the longer channel crossings (e.g. Portsmouth – Caen), this can work out quite expensive.

So, I’m delighted that Brittany Ferries have announced that they are in the process of upgrading their satellite technology across the fleet and will be offering complimentary wi-fi access in public areas on their ships from early May 2013.

Free wi-fi is something that consumers expect more and more from retailers these days, and it is likely to become a significant determinant for consumers when choosing one service over another. Whether this will really apply to Brittany Ferries, who enjoy a significant monopoly on Western Channel crossings, I don’t know. However, as a very frequent cross-channel traveller, I’m delighted they have taken this step… It’s about time, but well done Brittany Ferries!

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